Business Services

"Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come. Get up and make them."
Madame C.J. Walker

Taking the extra step​

To create the right impression your business needs smart, polished copy that creates the right impression for your customers and partners.


Why should you consider business copyediting and proofreading? The marketplace is growing more and more competitive, making it essential that your key points get across to your audience. I will edit your copy so that your message is clear and accurate.


I edit your work as if I were your audience and help you position your business, products, and services in the best light.


Editing and proofreading business content includes websites, documents, reports, proposals, training guides/manuals, product descriptions, articles, and presentations.

My service helps you by:

  • Suggesting key ideas that may need expanding or terms needing clarification.
  • Providing documentation of any major changes regrading flow or structure.
  • Highlighting writing that does not make sense; thus, suggesting minor re-writes.
  • Checking graphical positioning of tables, graphs, and images.


My process is simple.

 I will read your work to get a full understanding of it, then go through its content correcting grammatical errors, sentence structure, or issues of clarity. I will suggest changes, but you have the final say. I use the comment function in Word or Google docs. If you have questions on any comments, let me know and I will clarify them.


The goal is to create content that engages and informs the reader.

Three editing services to fit your needs:

Pricing for Business Services can either be one of the three plans, hourly, or a fixed price based on your needs. To get a quote please send the fill in the Business contact form.

A. Fine tuning: Copyediting ensure the text has a consistent style and tone, and clearly conveys your message. This service helps prepare and polish a document that is in progress.

Reference/citation checks: This is an additional service you can inquire about.

B. Finishing touches: Proofreading involves a ‘final check’ for typos, spelling and grammatical errors before an article, document, or dissertation is sent to a publisher.

C. To & Fro (Comprehensive): Includes A & B, plus the option to ‘fine tune’ multiple times. This service is suggested if you feel unsure about your writing and need more assistance with word choices, organization, and clarity. If English is your second language this is a good option.