Deal Breakers

According to HBR Better Business Writing: Engage readers, Tighten and Brighten, Make your Case (Garner,2012), whether in business or academics, a costly mindset is thinking your writing is good enough. Your style of communication in writing will decide how supervisors, colleagues, clients, partners and others form opinions of you. Sloppy writing conveys your thinking is… Continue reading Deal Breakers

Abstracts: a miniature version of the article

An abstract is a miniature version or summary of an article, paper, or thesis. It should provide a brief overview of the main sections of the article: introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion. The length of an abstract should not exceed the journal or guidelines suggested by a university for a thesis. Commonly, the… Continue reading Abstracts: a miniature version of the article

Which or that?

Usually which is used to set off a non-restrictive clause preceded with a comma, and that is used only for restrictive clauses.   Non-restrictive Clause A fire at the Fabulous Cookie Warehouse, which killed seven people, led to safety changes in its reconstruction.   While it is interesting to note seven people died it is… Continue reading Which or that?